The exciting news was officially announced on thursday: Tan Tar A to  become "Tan Tar A's Margaritaville" Our office has been inundated with  calls, visits, and questions. Homeowners and home buyers alike are asking: "What does this mean to our neighborhood?" We have spent many hours talking with others, researching on line, and we are happy to share that we see this as a very positive move for everyone at the lake. While all of us at Estates Realty love Tan Tar A and the memories that we have made here, the resort is stepping up to make a major investment in our little corner of the lake; for that we are excited and thankful! We see nothing but great reviews at any of the branded Margaritaville resorts. The clientele is first rate, the accommodations are 5 Star, so how could anyone not agree that this is a positive move?

Since the announcement, we are writing offers for new homeowners, and receiving calls from present homeowners that have decided to keep their properties and enjoy the new and outstanding changes to come. Both of these activities will make the property values soar! If you have a friend looking to buy a home in the Estates, tell them to get in "while the gettin's good"! We hope to hear from you soon.